Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello my people.

I am here to disappoint you once again with underwhelming content and empty promises. 
I do not have a snazzy vintage sunsuit reproduction to show you. I could show you some of the pieces of one, but I’ve lost interest so I’ll assume you have too.
Come to think of it, I don’t have anything to show you. I’m really not even sure why I’m posting.

Oh yes, now I remember.
It's because I want to foist my wares upon you.
I’ve been weeding through my collection of vintage baby clothes and will be putting some up on etsy soon. 
I have over 200 pieces and that is far too many considering I do not have, nor do I desire a small child. 
I might when I’m old and decrepit and need someone to hoist me out of my barcalounger or teach me how to use the iPhone 73. 
But right now? Pass.

I started buying back when I was making doll dresses. I'd buy things beyond repair and cut them up into teeny dresses and bonnets. 
Then it slowly morphed into me buying anything. 
And everything. 
And before you know it I had an entire closet, cedar chest, and several large boxes full of clothes that I haven't been able to fit into in 20+ years.  
Seems silly. And somewhat strange.

So I'm only keeping things that 
  1. speak to me
  2.  I wore
  3. have some unique feature that I want to copy or gaze at mindlessly
  4. have some unique feature that will help lure readers to my blog and in turn, help me in my quest to take over the internet.

The rest will be on my new and improved etsy. Eventually. 
Bookmark it. Check it daily. Maybe even hourly. I'm like a cobra, you'll never know when I'll strike. 
Except I'll post on instagram before I do. Cobra's don't have instagram.

Did I mention I am now on instagram?
Here is a link.
I like instagram. I can share pictures of fancy things without having to concentrate on stringing words together coherently.
I can hashtag. Hashtags are amazing and require very little thought or planning.
They are able to fully capture the essence of my spontaneity. It's like the whole concept was made for just for ME.
You should totally follow me. It would validate my existence.

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