Friday, November 15, 2013

La Toilette des Enfants

La Toillette des Enfants was a French children's fashion periodical from the early 1900s. Each issue is around 20 pages with a hand tinted fashion plate, a tissue paper pattern for the garment(s) illustrated on the front, and usually a pull out section with more patterns and embroidery designs.

They seem to have been published quarterly from 1902 until 1919ish. I was going to share several issues but my camera battery died before I could get photos of them and my charger is MIA. :( So you only get one. It is from September 1906.

To the left is one of the pattern sheets. It has all the pattern pieces for the Christening gown illustrated on it. They are layered on top of each other with different types of outlines so they can be traced off. To the right is a tissue paper supplement which has never been unfolded. I believe it is for the little white coat seen on the plate. 

The back of the pattern sheet has embroidery designs for more baby and children's items. I've got this bib traced on a chunk of batiste somewhere. I started it but my buttonhole scallop was not up to snuff. :(

And this is one of the pages. I think these are patterns you could send off for but I could be wrong. My fran├žais c'est pas bon.

I did manage to get a photo of this plate before my battery died. It is from June of 1908 and full of summertime loveliness. 

 I'm off to find le chargeur.

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  1. OMG damn damn damn your camera battery!! I have officially died and gone to heaven - oh good gawd i seriously think you're trying to give me a heart least i would die in bliss LOL