Monday, September 23, 2013

1920's Stamped Embroidery Kit (obviously I can't think of a catchy title.)

Long time no post. No anything really. I haven't touched a needle and thread in ages mainly because it's FOOTBALL SEASON! I stay fairly busy Monday thru Friday and football season means my Saturdays are devoted solely to going to games and screaming my guts out. But I can always make a little time to hit up estate sales and peruse ebay. So, since empty blogs are sad, I'm going to share one of my latest finds. :)

I've been collecting stamped embroidery packages from the 1920-30s for several years now. I have kits for everything from toys, to dresses, to curtains, and throw pillows. I just love them! They come with the pattern and embroidery design stamped right on the fabric. Most of them come finished to some degree, but I have never found one that was completed and still with its envelope until today.

The fabric is lovely. It reminds me a lot of geiger Swiss batiste. 

The neck is finished with buttonhole scallops and trimmed with a slightly gathered french lace and embroidery. Buttonholes have been worked along the neckline and sleeve so ribbon can be woven through and tied in bows. I love the coral/seafoam color combo. 

The hem is finished with hemstitching and scalloped lace.

These are some of my other antique kits. I'll have to share another one sometime. 


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