Monday, April 8, 2013

Jumping on the blog-wagon

Just to have a place to chronicle my full size sewing endeavors and hopefully share my patterns with others who will find them useful. In the past I made teeny doll clothes. There are only so many details you can squeeze on a 3 inch long dress, so I'm branching out to bigger things. :)

I'm currently working on a little sunsuit made from a reworked antique pattern and inspired by this vintage romper I saw on pinterest.

The front is embroidered with 51 bullion rosebuds and has a scalloped Madeira appliqu├ęd hem. I had never made a buillon rosebud prior to starting this project so they are far from perfect. I had to control myself because I wanted to scrap the front and start over several times but I kept plugging away. I don't think the wonky roses stick out too much now that they are all done, but I might have to redo a few that are driving me insane.

I'll post more photos (and eventually the pattern) when it's finished.

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